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Seven, episode 6 & 7.


Documentary series, featuring seven up-and-coming music artist from London.


Episode 6: Samm Henshaw.

Episode 7: Grace Carter.

United Kingdom, Cut + Run, 2019.


Writer, Director, Producer, Editor.

War World Two is over. The sounds of industry echo throughout Silesia and an inexplicable incident at a coal mine sees a miner vanish without a trace. The foreman seeks the help of a local witch who - struggling for survival in the face of a changing world - decides to help. 

Poland, United Kingdom, LFS, 2019.

Cactus Boy


When perennial loner Winston Prickle finds himself attracted to a new co-worker Clem, he’s faced with the dilemma of what to about his lifelong companion and childhood imaginary friend; the giant, lumbering Cactus Man.

USA, United Kingdom, LFS, 2018.

Pawel combines creativity, responsibility, discipline and mental toughness – resulting in innovative solutions and effective decision making under time pressure and highly stressful situations.

He never ceases to amaze me and the whole team with his bold ideas and will to fight. I strongly believe in his ability to stay positive and proactive under any circumstances and to grow from challenges

that he is presented with.



Director of Photography.

When lonely Gordon Grott builds a surrogate family from household waste, little does he realise that his boy made of trash has a life of his own.

United Kingdom, LFS, 2017.


Camera Operator, Editor.

 A woman goes to a local hospital and poses a nurse in order to get to a maternity ward.

The film is inspired by a true story from Florida in 1998.

United Kingdom, LFS, 2017.



Polari uncovers the chequered history and sad necessities behind a fun language that was used by Britain’s gay community up until the late 1960s. Charting the rise and fall of its use, it also reveals Polari’s endurance into modern times, and its continued ability to offend.

United Kingdom, LFS, 2017.

Pawel is one of the most talented AND hard-working people I know.

He can pay extreme attention to the details, without losing sight of the big picture. Blend it with great communication skills and a fantastic sense of humor... and you get someone everyone wants on their team.

I cannot recommend him highly enough. He's a gem.

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The Hunting

Writer, Director, Producer, Editor.

A young boy wakes up in the middle of the night and has to face his fears… as nature calls.

United Kingdom, LFS, 2016.

Fish Friends

Writer, Director, Editor.

A man decides to propose to his girlfriend in a very unconventional way on their fishing day. 

United Kingdom, LFS, 2016.

The Manufacture

Writer, Director, Editor, Cinematographer.

The Manufacture is a documentary short about a dynamic community of creative people based in Krakow's Zablocie. They believe in a coworking spirit and diversity - their members, among others, work as carpenters, design green spaces, architect and do various services online.

United Kingdom, LFS, 2015.

Pawel is efficient, scrupulous and executed all his tasks with great commitment. His maturity and natural responsibility guarantee a job-well-done, without continual supervision. Hence, we didn’t really have a need to express any dissatisfaction, but we’re sure Pawel is open to receiving constructive criticism – since he is always trying to improve his skills. He enjoys new challenges, and we’re more than sure that he will be able to live up to the most demanding expectations.

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Some of my fondest memories are built around the filming and editing of family videos - and I developed a deep appreciation of the emotive power of film from an early age. Through my love of film I immersed myself in the craft of filmmaking, taking up voluntary positions in several music and film festivals in Poland. I learned first hand that filmmaking is a multi-faceted vocation, necessitating a deep understanding of each contributing profession in order to be done well. I studied film and television production and after graduating moved to London to practise filmmaking and explore my creative passion. Currently working in a prestigious postproduction house, I continue to learn every day and pursue a career in editing.

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