Pawel P. Achtelik


Pawel is one of the most talented AND hard-working people I know. He can pay extreme attention to the details, without losing sight of the big picture. Blend it with great communication skills and a fantastic sense of humor... and you get someone everyone wants on their team. I cannot recommend him highly enough. He's a gem.




Some of my fondest memories are built around the filming and editing of family videos - and I developed a deep appreciation of the emotive power of film from an early age. Through my love of film, I immersed myself in the craft of filmmaking, taking up voluntary positions in several music and film festivals in Poland. I learned first-hand that filmmaking is a multi-faceted vocation, necessitating a deep understanding of each contributing profession in order to be done well.

I studied film and television production and after graduating moved to London to practise filmmaking and explore my creative passion. Currently working in a prestigious postproduction house, I continue to learn every day and pursue a career in editing.

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