The end of War World Two brings to The Polish People’s Republic the blossoming of industry. Despite this and the growing cacophony of Silesia’s burgeoning coal mines, there is still nothing more valuable than a reliable supply of food.


In a provincial mine, the inexplicable disappearance of a miner forces the foreman to seek illumination from an unconventional source. In desperation he seeks the help of the local witch, for whom the rush towards modernity is a threat to her very survival. With abilities which once earned respect but now attract scorn, the witch leads the reluctant foreman into the darkness of the mine in search of the answers he seeks.   

director statement

In the technological age, what’s traditional and magical is fading. Silesia, together with all its culture, may lose it if it’s not properly maintained. The story told in ​Skarbnik​brings the viewers closer to Silesian culture, its language and legends, and encourages them to get to know them better. The world presented in the film is a tribute to the folk and fantasy site of Poland. It shows the clash of worlds - old and new, real and fantastic, feminine and masculine.

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Writer, Director, Producer, Editor

Poland, United Kingdom, LFS, 2019.